A Charming Jack who Controls Gravity


Tier 1

1 xp

Stats & Skills:

Might (10/10) (Edge: 0)

  • (none)

Speed (14/14) (Edge: 0)

  • Speed Defense (Trained, specialized w/o armor)

Intellect (14/14) (Edge: 1)

  • Esoteries or special abilities that influence the minds of others (Trained)
  • Persuading (Trained)
  • Studying or retaining facts (Inability)
  • Tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction (Trained)
  • Willpower (Inability)


  • Hover (INT 1, Action) You float slowly into the air. As your action, you can concentrate to remain motionless in the air, or float up to a short distance, but no more; otherwise, you drift with the wind or with any momentum you have gained. This effect lasts for up to ten minutes. If you also have the Hover esotery or trick of the trade, you can hover for twenty minutes and move your normal speed. Action to initiate.
  • Skill with Defense [speed] (Enabler)
  • Trained w/o Armor (Enabler)
  • Flex Skill
  • Practiced w/ Lt & Med Weapons

Razor Ring (Light, +1 to hit, dmg 2)
Quarterstaff (Medium, dmg 4)

Bag of light tools
Explorer’s Pack
18 shins

A small rectangular device with a small round button at the edge of one side. You push that button and ask the device one question. It will answer that question for you.
(level 1 Datasphere Siphon)

A plate that once set on the floor and activated will project a holographic image of the area and anything that moves with-in that area for one hour.
(level 6 Motion sensor)

A piece of paper that does not crease when crumpled. Does not get wet when submerged. Cannot be torn or lit a flame. However every day at dawn the writing on the paper changes.

A pen-sized oddity that tells the weight of whatever you point it at (within short range). The weight is displayed on a small glass plate in runes that only you can decipher.

Minor Effect Suggestion: The duration of the effect is doubled.
Major Effect Suggestion An important item on the target’s person is destroyed.


Connection: You’re friends with many people in the community and are generally well regarded.
Funeral for Jeseric Clyrke, her mentor and adopted father. She was orphaned at a young age and does not know the source of her powers.


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